Are you drinking enough?

Water. We’re talking about water! With summer on its way and the promise of hotter temperatures (hopefully!) we typically think about drinking more water to help stay hydrated. However, this is actually true all year round. So are you drinking enough water?

Our body is made up of <60% water and not only is water essential for life its essential for nearly all bodily processes. It acts as a transport system delivering oxygen and nutrients, and removing waste. It regulates our body temperature through respiration and sweating. It helps the brain produce neurotransmitters and hormones, both of which are made up of a high percentage of water. It lubricates the body and provides a shock absorber for our spinal cord and joints. Water is needed to make saliva for digestion. The list is literally endless….

From an aesthetic perspective, water helps maintain the elasticity in our skin and reduce wrinkles, and is fundamental for cells to grow and survive all of which keeps us looking younger. It can help us control calories as oftentimes we eat when in actual fact we are simply thirsty and can be helpful in supporting weight loss.

So how much should we be drinking daily?

One common recommendation is 6-8 cups per day. But much depends on cup size and its hard to predict how much you’re actually drinking. The NHS define 6-8 cups as roughly 1.2 litres which gives a clearer volume. A more precise guide is to calculate your intake based on your weight as every body type will have its own requirements. Ideally we should be drinking 35ml of water for every kilogram of body weight, for example, a 60kg woman would require 2.1 litres water. This is closer to the 8×8 rule of drinking 8 x 8 oz glasses of water, equal to 2 litres. So the numbers seem to vary but we can safely say that we should be aiming for somewhere between 1.2 to 2 litres per day and the amount may vary per person.

So stay hydrated this summer and keep drinking. And when summers over, keep drinking the same. Your body will thank you for it.

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