Nutritional Auditing, Labeling & Allergens

Nutritional Consultancy as a strategic driver for Food Service

Consumer dietary needs are driving a new agenda for corporates in food manufacture and food service. The demand for allergen-free and free-from foods continues to grow and with it, the need for clearer labeling both on-pack and at point of purchase. This calls for clearer nutritional strategy and diligent workflows to answer legal and consumer requirements. With nutrition so high on the social agenda, and with increasing rates of obesity and chronic illness driving the conversation, I support clients to establish nutrition as a key driver for the growth of their business.

I offer strategic Nutritional Consultancy for clients within food service & related catering industries. Services include nutritional strategy, product and menu auditing, allergen declarations, staff training, consumer communications, nutrition content and marketing support.

Paella Fella Ltd Case Study (Oct 2018 – current)

Brief: Nutritional Audit & Consultancy to deliver menu-wide Nutrition & Allergen declarations, and B2C Communications Strategy to deliver client-friendly communication materials for use across the core business channels.


Full audit of Paella Fella dishes using licensed Nutritics software v5.09 (EU Food Labelling) to generate nutritional panel and allergen statements.

Generation of a range of consumer-friendly communication tools to use across all media; downloadable pdf product sheets for the website, reproducible product books to use at all events, and marketing and PR materials to support event sales and bookings.

Employee training using NCASS toolkit and Nutritics analysis

– Introduction to allergen legislation and legal requirements of all employees

– Review of audit results of existing menu offering and composite ingredients

– Allergen safety; Processes for food preparation, cross-contamination, substituting of regular ingredients

– Consumer communication; from incoming enquiries to point of sale

NCASS Toolkit

Watch the NCASS video on Food labeling and allergen declarations for caterers.

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