Action on sugar with “Sugar Awareness Week”

When it comes to headlines, sugar has dominated the news in recent years. Just a decade or so ago everyone was focused on eliminating fats and eating only low-fat, skimmed or fat-free foods, however the nutritional paradigm has moved on and biological science has shown that actually excessive sugar can actually have a greater impact… Continue reading Action on sugar with “Sugar Awareness Week”


Supporting Mental Health through Diet

Earlier this year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Association of Post Natal Illness (APNI) and I'm thrilled to have been asked to contribute to their newsletter  with a piece explaining how diet and healthy eating can support some of the symptoms linked to post-partum illness. Post Natal Depression (PND) affects as many as… Continue reading Supporting Mental Health through Diet


Are you drinking enough?

Water. We're talking about water! With summer on its way and the promise of hotter temperatures (hopefully!) we typically think about drinking more water to help stay hydrated. However, this is actually true all year round. So are you drinking enough water? Our body is made up of <60% water and not only is water… Continue reading Are you drinking enough?

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National Diabetes Week: Weight Management & Blood Glucose control

This week 11-17 June it is National Diabetes Week  in the UK and both weight management and blood-glucose control are important risk factors for the disease. It is reported that almost 3.7 million people were diagnosed in 2017,  with 10% diagnosed with Type 1 and 90% diagnosed with Type 2* diabetes. In the US the latest statistics… Continue reading National Diabetes Week: Weight Management & Blood Glucose control


Live Workshop – An introduction to Prenatal Nutrition – 07/11/2017

Today’s live workshop took place at The Milk Bar Milan. Thanks to all the ladies who joined us in store and live on facebook. You can watch a replay on my facebook page and download the presentation here An introduction to Prenatal Nutrition