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Optimise your Health with Personalised Nutrition

Good nutrition and a varied diet is all part of keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Yet it can be challenging to change habits and eat differently. I offer a range of Nutritional consultations to help you optimise how you eat, to analyse body composition and work with you to achieve health goals or support existing health concerns which may be impacting on your quality of life.

Nutrition is simply the science of helping our body to function optimally. The ingredients we put in help our biological systems work efficiently (such as digestion, immune function, and hormonal signalling). A good intake of nutritious foods is beneficial to us. Conversely, a diet low in nutrients can have a knock-on effect and lead to imbalances which over time become chronic conditions. Nutritional Therapy seeks to restore balance through eating a wholefood nutrient-dense diet and with personalised lifestyle interventions to support metabolic function.

Personalised Nutrition works on the premise that we are all different and so there is no one-size fits all approach. Our individual health concerns are unique to us and so too are our dietary needs.  I work with you to review your health history and symptoms and use a functional medicine approach to identify possible imbalances which may be affecting your health.

Let Food be thy medicine. Simple changes to diet can often have a significant effect on how we feel.  I believe in promoting a food-first approach to supporting health as it reconnects us with ‘real food’ full of nutrients, and importantly encourages clients to build a new set of skills in selecting foods, food preparation and cooking. Once learnt, these tools help clients sustain healthy eating for a lifetime, with many positive impacts on their health, and the health of their family network.

Who is Nutritional Therapy suitable for? 

Nutritional Therapy can help support a wide range of health concerns. Here are some common health concerns it can help address:



Introducing Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is a world-renowned and scientifically proven weight-loss programme designed to help optimise your metabolism, help balance hormones, and enhance health for successful and lasting weight management.  The programme is personalised, based on your individual blood parameters and biometric data* and is ideal for clients with weight challenges and metabolic syndromes which they wish to support using a natural food protocol. read more about it here.

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