Good nutrition and a varied diet is all part of keeping ourselves healthy, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. I offer a range of Nutritional consultations to help optimise diet, to analyse body composition and work with you to achieve health goals, or support existing health concerns which may be impacting on your quality of life.

Nutritional Therapy is the science of helping our body to function optimally. Imbalances in any of our biological systems such as digestion, immune function,and hormonal signalling can have a knock-on effect and over time become chronic conditions. Nutritional Therapy seeks to restore balance and metabolic function with personalised diet and lifestyle interventions.

Personalised Nutrition works on the premise that we are all individual with unique health concerns and dietary needs. Using a functional approach to identify possible causes of biological imbalances, Nutritional Therapy can help support a wide range of health concerns:


Simple changes to diet can often have a significant effect on how well we feel.  Promoting a food-first approach to supporting health reconnects us with nutrient-dense foods, and encourages food selection and preparation to optimise the diet. Once learnt, these tools can help clients sustain healthy eating for a lifetime with many positive impacts on health.