Employee Health & Engagement

How Healthy is your Workplace?

Corporate wellness is now considered part of the formula to the success of businesses worldwide. But it doesn’t simply have to be a solution to a problem. It can also be an integral part of company culture and pave the way for improving the health and engagement of employees.

The demands of corporate life can present challenges throughout the organisation, not only to the top executives. More than ever, employees are looking to their employer for solutions to help juggle work-life balance, mental health issues and physical health and wellness. Time spent at work equates to a perfect environment for promoting well-being.

Is your business facing challenges with employee motivation and absentee-ism? Or perhaps you have an unexplained high turn-over of personnel? Maybe you enjoy great employee relations and are keen to maintain them with initiatives to support health and wellness. Healthy employees typically increase productivity, are more alert and energised, display greater motivation, have improved strategies for dealing with stress and responsibility, and are less likely to take time off for sickness. Offering health benefits that go above and beyond is a reciprocal benefit to the business, helping to build trust, loyalty and ultimately, performance.


How can investing in Employee Health benefit your business?

The benefits of investing in a dedicated wellness program go beyond classic return on investment (ROI) calculations. Healthy employees are the most valuable asset of any business.

Whats the Return on Investment for Corporate Wellness.

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How I help you transform your business?

I offer a bespoke range of services dedicated to promoting a mutually beneficially culture of health and wellness beginning with targeted Nutritional consultancy. I work with a variety of independent wellness associates to build the right program for your business, including psychologists, movement experts, mindfulness coaches, and more. Programs are built around shared learning through group workshops integrated with individual one-to-ones to address personal health concerns. My 12 week Engagement Program helps take employees on a journey towards healthier eating and optimising health.

Employee Biometric Health checks:

This express check up includes the collection of biometric data & a body composition prevention check using Tanita medical scales (measures weight, BMI, fat / muscle mass, visceral fat, bone/water mass, and gives an indication of metabolic age based on cell resistance). Employees receive a print out of their body composition and are given indications on potential risk factors identified.

Group seminars and workshops:

A range of workshops to promote health through shared learning and engagement. Corporate culture plays a significant role in instilling healthy habits within the workplace. Empowering employees to take a greater role in their health and giving them practical tools to achieve this has been shown to have reciprocal benefits for both the company and the individual.

12 Week Engagement Program & Healthy Eating Plan

An easy-to-follow and motivational healthy eating plan to help employees and their families optimise their diet and feel great. Based on the principles of ADDING IN goodness, colours, variety, nutrients, new foods, this plan is designed to expand the foods you eat and rebalance your diet in a positive non-restrictive way.

Download a Corporate Wellness Workshop brochure –  here.