Personal Nutrition

Private clients can choose from a range of Nutritional services designed to optimise health

(1) New to Nutrition – Book an exploratory 45 minute health check

(2) Need Nutritional support – Book a dedicated 60-90 minute Nutritional Therapy consultation

(3) For Therapeutic Nutrition – Book a Nutritional 30-60-90 day plan for dedicated support of long-term health concerns

(4) Seeking Weight loss and/or to optimise Metabolism & Hormonal Functions – Book a Metabolic Balance® Consultation

60 Minute Dietary Health Check

This is ideal for clients wishing to optimise their diet and take more control of their health. Consider it a Nutritional MOT to fine tune the body and take positive measures towards improving diet and lifestyle. The consultation focuses on an analysis of your current diet* (taken from a 3-day food diary provided by yourself) and discusses how to optimise nutritional intake to better support health and existing health concerns. After the consultation you will be provided with the complete analysis and a number of charts to help guide your food choices at home.

90 Minute Nutritional Therapy Consultation

This is ideal for clients with a diagnosed health concern or specific health goal who wish to add nutritional support. This dedicated 90 minute consultation is focused on exploring your full health history, diet and lifestyle habits which may be contributing to your health concerns. Once identified, I provide personalised dietary recommendations which may also refer to functional laboratory tests (to determine possible biological imbalances), and the use of dietary supplements. After the consultation you will be provided with the analysis of your diet and a number of nutritional recommendations.

Full dietary protocols are available to clients who chose a therapeutic 30-60-90 day programme during which time I offer my clients weekly 30 minute updates either in person or online (on skype / phone) to review and discuss their plan, introduce new elements and offer motivational support.

Typically most clients opt for a therapeutic plan as you need a realistic time frame to implement a new dietary protocol and experience change.

Therapeutic 30-60-90 day Nutritional Therapy with one-to-one support

Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is a world-renowned programme aimed at  balancing your metabolism, hormones, and enhancing health and weight loss with a food-only protocol.  The programme is completely personalised and based on your individual blood parameters and biometric data*. This is ideal for clients with weight challenges and metabolic disorders which they wish to support using a proven dietary protocol.


Fee Structure

Consultations are payable in advance, at time of booking.

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