Nutritional Services

This is ideal for clients wishing to optimise their diet and take more control of their health. Consider it a Nutritional MOT to fine tune the body and take positive measures towards improving diet and lifestyle. The consultation focuses on an analysis of your current diet* (taken from a 3-day food diary provided by yourself) and discusses how to optimise nutritional intake to better support health and existing health concerns. After the consultation you will be provided with the complete analysis and a number of charts to help guide your food choices at home.

This is ideal for clients with chronic or more persistent health concerns who wish to add nutritional therapy alongside traditional protocols in support of their health. The consultation is focused on exploring your full health history, current diet and lifestyle habits to identify possible biological imbalances from which a dietary protocol can be personalised to your needs. There may be an opportunity to discuss functional tests to further explore metabolic imbalances, and the use of dietary supplements as part of the therapeutic plan devised for you.

Clients can choose from single consultations or opt for a longer term nutritional plan of 30, 60, or 90 days. Clinical experience shows that working closely with clients over a 4-12 week period has beneficial results and importantly helps make lasting changes to diet and lifestyle.

Metabolic Balance® is a world-renowned personalised programme designed by a German doctor and aimed at  balancing your metabolism, hormones, and enhancing health and weight loss.  The programme is completely personalised and based on your individual blood parameters and biometric data*. This is ideal for clients with weight challenges and metabolic disorders which they wish to support using a proven dietary protocol.

With over 12 years’ experience in corporate marketing, I have experienced first-hand the highs and lows of  fast-paced corporate environments and the effects on health. With this in mind, I offer a range of bespoke services to support businesses aiming to improve their employees’ health and engagement. The advantages of investing in employee wellness include reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, energy and mental clarity and decreased staff turnover.

Coaching is an integral part of the Nutritional services I offer. The advantages of overlaying coaching include clear goal setting, identification of client’s motivations and potential obstacles to achieving their goals, visualising success and creating a framework to achieve it. These elements are particularly powerful when client’s are faced with making challenging long term changes to their diet and lifestyle and can be the glue that helps their personalised plan to stick. I offer all Nutritional clients weekly skype/calls especially to provide motivational support and some clients may wish to pursue this further with a dedicated coaching session. Likewise, non nutritional clients may wish to explore their health via a series of coaching sessions to help identify health goals and possible options for addressing them.  Find out more about my Health Coaching services.