Corporate clients can benefit from Nutritional Consultancy Services & Employee Wellness Initiatives

(1) Nutritional Strategy & Communications support

(2) Nutritional Auditing, Labeling & Allergen declarations

(3) Employee Wellness Initiatives

(4) Senior Management one-to-one Nutrition Protocols

Nutritional Strategy & Communications

I have over 14 years experience working for Multi-National FMCGs in the UK, Australia and Italy and combine Nutritional and Marketing expertise from big brand and new product development projects.

I offer business consultancy to define and implement nutritional strategies across business, as per their specific industry requirements.

Nutritional Auditing, Labeling & Allergens

Food labeling is continually in the spotlight and with the rise of consumer allergies and food intolerances there is no room for error.  I offer strategic services for clients within Food Service, Catering & related food-production industries. Services include product and menu auditing, allergen declarations, employee engagement / training and consumer-related nutrition communications.

Employee Wellness

I tailor a bespoke range of dedicated wellness initiatives to businesses looking to promote a mutually beneficially culture of health and wellness.  This is ideal as part of a company-led wellness drive or as a stand-alone initiative led by myself.  I work from brief for clients with an existing initiative but looking for external expertise, or I can design bespoke initiatives for individual events through to annual health programs. These can include mini-MOT Health Checks for employees in which I measure body composition, blood pressure and health risk factors, group seminars and workshops to promote health through shared learning and engagement, and digital tools and infographics for continued motivation.

Senior Management protocols

An extension to Employee Wellness Initiatives is the opportunity to offer Senior Management a one-to-one 30-60-90 day Nutritional Program in support of their individual health and wellness. The demands of senior management often give rise to health concerns ranging from energy and performance, sleep quality, mental health, resilience to stress, and time-management specific to healthy eating and/or snacking.

I work one-to-one with clients to provide nutritional solutions to executive challenges to help support individuals perform at their peak.

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