Putting Nutrition on the agenda & Empowering Employee Health & Wellness

With over 14 years experience in multi-nationals I am passionate about making Nutrition and Health part of the corporate agenda, both internally and externally. The global rise in chronic health conditions and mental health at work is an area for concern. More than ever, Employers have a commitment to their employees to create a culture of health in the workplace. Engaged employees are more productive and help create a culture of performance. Stress and burn-out prompt absenteeism and disengagement with work. A healthy business is one which chooses to invest in its employees.

Food manufacturers have an invested interest and social responsibility to be part of the solution by developing healthier, more balanced food offerings. Processed foods with high sugar, salt and fat content are not sustainable and savvy consumers are looking for better. With this in mind, I offer strategic Nutritional consultancy to support FMCGs and food companies in driving their brand and product development forward in a healthy and sustainable way.

Nutritional Strategy & Communications

I help clever businesses to define and implement nutritional strategies throughout their organisation as a driver for their business and an enabler for their greatest asset – their brands. Working with global brands in the UK, Australia and Italy to build brand equity with combined nutritional and marketing strategy. I work with business to develop intuitive and relevant nutritional content for their brand playbooks and consumer communications to promote nutritional credentials, health benefits and sustainability ethos behind their brands.


Nutritional Auditing & Allergen Statements

With the rise of consumer allergies and food intolerances foodservice and catering businesses need to keep pace with FSA regulations on allergen declarations.  I offer strategic services for clients within Food Service, Catering & related food-production industries. Services include product and menu auditing*, allergen declarations*, employee training using FSA guidelines, and consumer-related nutrition communications.

*Nutritics software v5.09 (EU Food Labelling) to generate a nutritional panel and allergen statement.


Employee Health & Engagement

A company’s services are only as good as the people offering them so investing in employee health and wellness is no-brainer with a huge return on investment. 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. And engaged workers are 21% more productive and 41% less likely to take time off work for illness.

I offer bespoke corporate engagement programs tailored to your company needs.