Change Management: when life throws you a curve ball

Change is something that, like it or not, we are constantly exposed to so being able to manage and adapt to change is a useful skill to master.

Change comes in all sizes, big and small, and all the whilst it is in manageable sizes we can generally absorb it without too much difficulty. What happens when change is big or sudden? Our ability to handle change can waiver in the face of what we judge to be big change; job loss, bereavement, injury, financial insecurity for example. We will all react in our own unique way and this may trigger a flood of emotions and one of the first strategies for managing change is to recognise and accept these emotions.

I have recently suffered an injury to my right arm so many aspects of my every day life are having to change as I adapt to using my left hand. I’ve experienced grief-like moments of frustration and desperation. I’ve been angry at myself for not being more cautious and avoiding injury. I’ve had a few moments of satisfaction when I’ve managed to do something which seemed challenging. All of these emotions are equally valid and I’m learning that to adapt to change I just need “to do something”. Anything! Small steps can carry you a long way.

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