An introductory offer to Health Coaching

I have recently teamed up with Ringwell, an innovative global online platform that allows clients to connect with wellness practitioners by video or phone from all over the world. Their goal is one that I share, “to connect every person to quality and affordable health and wellness care to help them live happier, healthier and better lives, wherever they are”.

I love the fact that access to health and wellness practitioners is now so easily accessible online, by phone and across most other media platforms. We are all juggling busy lives and having instant access to  convenient health advice is increasingly important. As well as providing access to a range of health and wellness experts, Ringwell also promotes and funds pro-bono work through a range of practitioner incentives. This is a great opportunity for a me as a Health Coach and Dietary Educator to engage in community projects.

As a welcome to new users, Ringwell are offering an introductory  50% off one of my health coaching consultations, using the attached voucher and discount code.


For further information register with Ringwell following the easy guide below.

I would also love to hear your feedback about Ringwell and their platform so please share your experiences

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