Challenged at work?

 Life is full of challenges and work can be one of the greatest. We spend an average of 35 hours a week working which over a lifetime amounts to thousands of hours.  Making work-life,  work for you, is hugely important and coaching can be a great help.
Current Challenge
When one of my client’s was stuck in a rut after 7 years in the same role she turned to coaching to explore her skills and motivate herself to change. She was worried about being typecast but after 3 sessions discovered that she could apply her skills to many new things.  4 months later and she has a new job!
Ciao Claire!
I have wonderful news!!! I changed my job!! And I think that you have been partially involved inside my “working drama”. Its an International company. Everything is new to me and I have to learn a lot of tasks so it’s really exciting and challenging. I just have to improve my English and computer skills but I’m really happy about all these changes. Thank you very much for your coaching and support 🙂
 There will always be a new challenge ahead. Identify your goal and make it happen!
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