How healthy is your business?


A typical answer to this question might involve a series of growth and profitability figures. But look beneath the surface at what drives any successful business and you’ll find its people. Dynamic leaders who inspire change, and dedicated employees looking to build successful careers. So when I ask again ‘how healthy is your business’ it begins to take on a whole new meaning.

Employee Wellness programmes have been around for a long time but have typically been confined to multi-nationals and large corporations with big budgets to invest. From front-end prevention to back-end medical insurance benefits many companies have it covered.

So what about the small to medium companies? The very companies that depend on their employees to drive the business forward. Things can change dramatically when you have employees off-sick, on long-term leave, and with ongoing health concerns. This is where employee wellness programmes can have most effect, providing dedicated nutrition-led programmes to support the health of your most precious asset – your people.

What can you expect?

Individual Health Checks & Body Composition Analysis for all team members

Group Workshops providing education and shared learning

A dedicated 12 week Nutritional Programme to optimise diet and boost health & performance

Review health checks to monitor employee progress

What are the benefits?

If you’re after numbers – A potential decrease in employee health insurance premiums – or perhaps less absentee-ism and sick-leave –  you do the maths!

If you’re after value – Happy, healthy, more focused, more motivated, more productive, more loyal, more enthusiastic employees, better able to withstand the everyday challenges of the workplace.

So how healthy is your business?

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