#AdEnough of Junk Food Ads

Jamie Oliver has launched a new campaign in the UK “AdEnough” to lobby the government to stop promoting junk food marketing to kids, and introduce a 9pm watershed on all junk food advertising on TV as well as proper controls for what kids see online, in the street and on public transport. With the rise of childhood obesity and a generation of kids exposed to less than healthy foods on a regular basis, this is the latest in Jamie’s quest to tackle the issue.

I’ve recently been asked to give some talks in schools to educate kids on healthy eating yet grassroots initiatives like this struggle to influence kids and their eating habits when they are continuously bombarded with messages promoting junk and fast food. Clinical experience shows that eating habits are formed young and kids are particularly susceptible to marketing messages. It’s a constant battle for parents to navigate the supermarket, and worryingly most other retail shops, which are now packed with confectionery and fizzy drinks at the till, trying to gain that extra sale.

I recently wrote an article covering Public Health England’s (PHE) new campaign on tackling obesity by counting calories which you can read here, but surely we cannot expect our kids to be counting calories. Instead we need to focus on getting healthy messages about food and nutrition through to them at home, at school and in the wider community. #AdEnough may help reduce the noise so that some of these healthier messages can be heard.

Join in the campaign and post a  #AdEnough photo on social media to help make it easier for kids today to make healthier food choices. Click here for more information on the campaign.

Read my recent article on Healthy Eating Guidelines and find easy to follow recipes.

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