90 Min Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Nutritional Consultations:

Personalised one-to-one consultations to discuss your health goals and structure a dietary protocol to support your health journey. I offer single visits, and 30-60-90 day packages. Typically most cliets opt for a 30 or 60 day package as you need a realistic time frame to implement a new dietary protocol and experience change. I follow my clients with weekly 30 minute updates either in person or online (on skype / phone) to review and discuss their plan, introduce new elements and offer motivational support.


A typical Consultation

The initial 90 minute consultation begins with an in-depth review of the clients health history and current status (current symptoms, recent blood analysis or medical diagnoses, overview of medications and supplements being taken) and an analysis of the current diet.

I take basic biometric data incl. blood pressure, waist & hip measurements and use body composition scales to provide data on  body weight, fat mass, muscle mass, bone density, water mass, visceral fat risk. This data collection is repeated at the end of the 30-60-90 day packages to help review your progress.

You will receive full reports to take home with a summary of findings, and your personalised plan.


Getting started

Download, save and complete a Health Questionnaire by clicking on the icons below.

Ideally this should be returned 48 hours prior to you first consultation so that I can analyse your data before meeting with you.

Completing these forms fully helps to identify key areas for focus.


Dietary Protocol

During the consultation you will receive guidance on diet and nutrition, biological processes and possible imbalances which may be influencing your current health. This exploration will form the basis of your personalised nutrition protocol which will be tailored to your needs and to address your personal health concerns. It may also include recommendations on functional laboratory testing, lifestyle habits and dietary supplements which could further support your health goal.

I aim to deliver your plan within 48 hrs of your consultation so that you can get started as quickly as possible.


What to expect

Eating a healthy balanced diet can support weight management and a number of chronic health concerns. It takes a little time for the benefits to show however many people experience positive effects within the first ten days. Dedication and consistency are vital, and I’m on hand to help with motivation and adherence to your plan.



Working with Claire Sambolino

To discover more about working with me please complete the contact form and arrange a 15 minute telephone consult to discuss your nutritional requirements.


Download your Health Questionnaire and let’s get started.

To complete this editable questionnaire please download and save the pdf before entering your details.


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