Intervention: Nutritional Consultations & Packages

I am passionate about Nutrition and the importance of eating whole foods in the pursuit of health and wellness. I work one-to-one with clients to help address their individual health goals and tailor dietary protocols so that they can successfully achieve their goals, and sustain a healthy balanced diet as they move forward with their lives.

A typical plan requires a minimum 30 day commitment, throughout which time I offer weekly skype/phone calls to provide support and review progress. Regular contact and reviews help increase motivation and enable clients to adapt to dietary changes. At the end of the programme clients will have gained a range of skills and knowledge to confidently self-manage their diet moving forward. I do also offer single hour-long visit for clients wishing to make a first exploratory appointment before deciding on a full programme. The cost of this visit can eventually be included in the selected package.

I offer single consultations, and packages of 30, 60, 90 days.

Your initial consultation will typically last between 60 and 90 minutes and will involve discussing your current health, exploring what your health goals are and agreeing a protocol together. I will  gather biometric data*, and review current symptoms and medications you may be taking.

Prior to this session, client’s are asked to complete and return the following documents: Health Questionnaire and 3-day food diary, and terms of agreement (ideally 3 days prior to your visit to allow for analysis of your food diary, and for health concerns and medications to be studied).

During the consultation you will be given the results of your body composition analysis and 3-day food diary analysis. Following the consultation you will receive your personalised protocol by email / post based on the points discussed together during the visit.

Weight loss clients may wish to consider the Metabolic Balance ® Programme.

*Biometric data may include; height, weight, body composition measures, blood pressure etc


Health Questionnaire & Food Diary – ENGLISH

Modulo di Salute & Diario – ITALIAN

Terms of Agreement

When filling in these editable questionnaires, please download and save before filling in otherwise your entries may be lost.

It is recommended that personal data be emailed or sent using secure post or encrypted email to protect privacy.

Follow-up consultations typically last 45 minutes and are used to review progress, dietary protocol and changes to biometric measures collected in the initial consultation.

Supporting long term health concerns and imbalances in the body often requires a slow and steady approach to adopt new dietary and lifestyle changes. The number of consultations will vary by client, and additional support is always available via skype/phone.

Clinical experience shows that working closely with clients over a 4-12 week period has beneficial results and importantly helps make lasting changes to diet and lifestyle. Choose from my 30 day,  60 day or 90 day Health Packages and start working on your health today.


15 min Pre-consultation – Free (via phone/skype)

1 Hour Consultation £95 or packages detailed below

*Consultations are paid in advance and I kindly ask that all cancellations are made with 24hrs notice. Appointments will be rescheduled at your convenience.

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