How Equilibrio Nutrition works


A Nutritional Consult with Claire Sambolino MSc

Personalised one-to-one Nutrition to achieve your health goals and structure a dietary protocol to support your health journey.  I work exclusively one-to-one with a select number of clients to help them optimise their health and promote sustainable wellness. I offer individual consultations for clients new to nutrition however I fully recommend a 30-60-90 day therapeutic program in order to deliver the best results.


The power of 90 minutes!

I ask all clients to dedicate a full 90 minutes to their initial consultation. This up-front commitment is the driver for successfully optimising your health. There are many things I will need to know about your health history and current symptoms (including medical diagnoses, test results, medications and/or supplement usage) to understand what may be triggers or mediating factors for your health concerns. We will also fully explore your current diet in order to identify nutritional needs which will provide the basis of your personalised therapeutic protocol.

For clients seen in person I also take basic biometric data incl. blood pressure, waist & hip measurements, and body composition analysis to indicate body weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, bone density, water mass, visceral fat risk and metabolic cell health. These measurements are repeated throughout the program to measure progress.

90 minutes is powerful!


Getting started

Call or email for an initial discussion and availability.

I work with a maximum of 10 clients at a time to ensure dedicated support and a close therapeutic partnership.

Once we schedule your first consultation you are kindly asked to download, save and complete a Health Questionnaire (click on icons below). This should be returned 48 hours prior to your consultation so that I can analyse your data before meeting with you.

Completing these forms helps to identify key areas for nutritional focus.


Dietary Protocols

I provide personalised dietary recommendations based on the information provided in your Health Questionnaire and discussed in your first consultation.

During the consultation you will receive guidance on diet and nutrition, and explanations of biological processes and possible imbalances which may be influencing your current health. This exploration will form the basis of your personalised nutrition protocol which will be tailored to support your health goal .

After the consultation you will be provided with your dietary analysis, body composition report and personalised nutritional recommendations. I aim to deliver your plan within 48-72 hrs of your consultation so that you can get started as quickly as possible.


What to expect

Eating a healthy balanced diet is key to our long term health and provides the body with the nutrients required for optimal function. It can take time for the benefits to show however many people experience positive effects within the first ten days. Dedication and consistency are vital, and I’m on hand to help with motivation and adherence to your plan.

Download your Health Questionnaire

To complete this editable questionnaire please download and save the pdf before entering your details.


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