Intervention: Nutritional Consultations & Packages

I am a registered Nutritional Practitioner and professional member of BANT and CNHC.

I offer easy-to-follow and practical dietary and lifestyle advice to promote health and support chronic conditions, which is backed up with expert research and qualified recommendations.  My philosophy is using a balanced diet with clear nutritional evidence to support your personal health concerns and promote well-being.

A typical plan requires a minimum 30 day commitment to enable time to implement dietary and lifestyle suggestions and experience beneficial change. I offer a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day programme during which time I provide consultations and weekly skype/phone calls to provide ongoing support and the chance to regularly review your progress. Regular reviews increases adherence to dietary changes and helps support clients make effective, long-lasting changes to their health. The goal is that at the end of the programme clients will have gained a range of skills and knowledge to confidently self-manage their diet moving forward.  Clients can contact me at any time for a refresher.

A first consultation typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes and is used to explore a client’s health history. We’ll review current symptoms, treatments and medication use alongside dietary habits and other lifestyle factors including physical activity, sleep patterns, working life. This first session is  ideally conducted in person but can also take place via skype or telephone where convenient.

Prior to this session, client’s are asked to complete a detailed Health Questionnaire and 3-day food diary.  These documents should be returned 48 hours before the consultation so I am able to study your case ahead of the consultation*.

Following the consultation I will provide one-to-one dietary guidance based on the focus areas agreed in the consultation, and lifestyle adjustments to further support your overall health goal. Weekly skype/phone calls help you keep on track and provide you the opportunity to review your progress. Where appropriate, the plan may include supplement recommendations to support biological imbalances, and clinical testing recommendations where further exploration of symptoms may be helpful. Additional information sheets and/or support materials discussed during our consultation will be emailed after the session.

Click on the link below to download a copy of the Health Questionnaire

Health Questionnaire – ENGLISH

Health Questionnaire – ITALIAN

A typical plan requires a minimum 30 day commitment, during which time weekly skype/phone calls to review progress provide regular occasion for discussion.  Follow-up consultations typically last 45 minutes.  In these sessions we will review your progress together and identify areas for further focus. We will revisit the health concerns discussed in the earlier sessions and track changes since implementing the dietary recommendations provided. These sessions also provide an occasion to discuss test results (if  tests have been undertaken since the first consultation) and use of supplements (where applicable).

Supporting long term health concerns and imbalances in the body often requires a slow and steady approach to adopt new dietary and lifestyle changes. The number of consultations will vary by client, and additional ongoing support is always available via skype/phone.

I ask for a minimum 30 day commitment from clients, however clinical experience shows that working closely with clients over a longer period can better support them make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle. Choose from either my 30 day,  60 day or 90 day Health Packages and start working on your health today.


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