Main Meals

Main Meals – A selection of meals for weekdays and weekends

The ‘main meal’ of the day could be at lunch or dinner depending on individual circumstances. Aim to vary proteins and include red meat (x1 wk), poultry, fish (include oily fish x2 wk), eggs, dairy and plant proteins such as beans and lentils. Include wholegrains and starchy root vegetables as a source of carbohydrate ‘energy’ and a good 2-3 portions of vegetables and leafy salads to provide an ample range of micronutrients to optimise metabolism.


Chicken Dishes

Spring Chicken with tomato and basil – A simple one pot oven dish which is perfect served with a leafy green salad. Download here.




 Stuffed Chicken with feta and black olives – An earthy dish combines flavours from the Mediterannean. Download here.




Roast Chicken & Root vege – Always a family favourite, this roast is no different. Serve with greens and use the leftover chicken carcass to make bone broth. Download here.




Meat Dishes

Beef or lamb Kofta – A middle eastern speciality and opportunity to try some healthy boosting spices. Down load here.





Fish Dishes

Cod wrapped in pancetta on a bed of runner beans – A summer special when runner beans are in season. Download here.

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