Light Bites

Light Bites –  ideal for a quick lunch or light supper to share 

The modern definitions of lunch and dinner are shifting as most of us consider our evening meal to be the ‘main meal of the day’ and lunch a quick bite as we go about our daily lives. As such the quantity of food we eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner has shifted which can sometimes be in contrast to our energy needs. Remember the saying  “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” In an ideal world we would prioritise lunch over dinner as our energy requirements are less in the evening, before going to sleep. These light bites are meals which are easily shared and can be used for lunch or evening meal as preferred.

Meat-Free Recipes

Gnocchi Pesto – Light potato puffs tossed in Italian basil pesto. Add in some greens (spinach, zucchini & peas) to make more nutritious. Ideal as a light bite or small starter. Download here.




Chickpea & Spinach Casserole – An energy boosting vegetable dish packed with plant protein and greens. Download here.




Goats Cheese served on griddled vegetables – See beef tagliata recipe below and substitute cheese. Place in oven 180C for 10 mins to allow cheese to melt over vegetables.



Greek Salad – with feta cheese and olives. Download here.




Tomato & Avocado Salad – Tasty on its own or as a side dish. Jazz it up with Mozzarella cheese or Boiled Eggs.





Meat Dishes

Turkey, Mint & Courgette Polpette – A lighter version of traditional meat balls made with lean turkey mince and aromatic mint leaves. Download here.



Beef strips on griddled vege

 Beef tagliata & Griddled Vegetables – A great  sharing plate of steak strips on veggies. Download here.





Fish Dishes

Octopus, potato & parsley salad – A Mediterranean delicacy. Download here.



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