Kids Nutrition

Healthy Eating Tip for Kids

Promoting healthy eating in children from a young age has been shown to help set dietary habits for later in life. Parents often talk about ‘fussy eaters’ and the challenges they face with introducing new foods to their children. Here are just a few tips to help encourage little ones to explore and taste a wide variety of foods, together with healthy plate guidelines from the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) with guidelines on how to provide a balanced diet to growing kids.


Healthy Eating Workshops for Schools & Community Groups

I offer a range of workshops to promote healthy eating in kids through a number of interactive workshops available to book for schools and community groups. You can download the pdf of workshops here. For further information and prices please send your enquiry to



Activity Sheet – Design your own Healthy Plate

Encouraging children to interact with the foods they eat can help develop a deeper understanding of what it means to eat healthily. One such activity is to ask them to design a ‘healthy plate’  based on their personal understanding of healthy foods, and to use this as a tool to help educate on how to make healthy choices and switch less helpful foods form more nutritious alternatives.

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