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Breakfast is often one of the most challenging meals of the day as we are time-poor and busy rushing out of the house. However it can be one of the most important meals with regards to balancing blood glucose levels and providing energy for the day ahead. Typically breakfasts are highly repetitive and based around carbohydrate and high sugar foods such as toast and spreads, cereal and milk, and croissants and baked goods. The recipes shared here provide a more balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, along with fruit and vegetables to contribute towards your 7-a-day, all to support the body’s metabolic needs and boost energy. Aim to vary breakfasts throughout the week to get a wide range of nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Download these posters for some added inspiration by clicking on the images below.


Eggs – A great source of protein and very versatile at breakfast

Boiled egg & soldiers







Scrambled egg, mushrooms, avocado & rocket




 Scrambled Egg & Mushrooms. Served with a side of smashed avocado and rocket leaves. Download here.




Fried egg, zucchini and turkey fritters

 Fried Egg & Turkey Fritters. Served with Grated zucchini and cherry tomatoes. (See recipe for turkey polpette in light bites)




Baked egg & avocado

 Baked Egg & Avocado. Download here.






Tuna platter with Boiled egg

 Mediteranean Tuna Platter. Served with boiled egg, fennel, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. Download here.





Fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, rocket & tomatoes

 Classic Egg & Bacon. With egg of your choice and a side of mushrooms and tomatoes

. Download here.





Pancakes – Savoury or sweet they make for a great weekend brunch

Buckwheat pancakes with nut butter

 Buckwheat pancakes topped with nut butter, Greek yoghurt, hazelnuts,  sunflower & pumpkin seeds. Do

wnload here.




Buckwheat pancakes topped with kefir, pumpkin seed butter fresh pineapple and grapes. (Pancake recipe as above)




Fruity Bowls – Great for all year variety and seasonality

Fruit salad on a bed of muesli. Download here.




Fruit salad. Served with Greek yoghurt, hazelnuts and linseeds.




Kiwi & pomegranate breakfast. Download here.




Stewed Fruit & Greek Yoghurt. Topped with blueberries, grapes, walnuts and mixed seeds. Download here.





Mixed berries and seeds – a great base for a colourful and antioxidant-rich  breakfast bowl. Top with live yoghurt or kefir for live bacteria and sprinkle with granola.


Hot Porridge & Soaked Oats for long lasting energy

Classic porridge. Complex carbs for sustainable energy and to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Download here.




Overnight soaked oats served with fermented kefir, and topped with dried kidney beans, and berries. Download here.




Savoury breakfast plates with flavours from Scandinavia & the Mediterranean

Smoked salmon & chickpea crackers. Served with pomegranate seeds, beetroot and celery shoots. Download here.




Mozzarella, ham & spinach salad. Download here.




Feta, ham & olive platter. Download here.

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