EBook – Welcome to Wellness


The Welcome to Wellness Ebook is an introductory guide to Healthy Eating. For those of you looking to improve your health and wellness this guide has been put together especially to help you get started, and acts as a taster of how a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can support you. This guide gives general recommendations which are beneficial to most of us. Working one-to-one with a Nutritionist will allow you to develop a personalised plan based on your specific health requirements. Enjoy!


An Introductory series on Healthy Eating to Optimise your Health. A great place to start if you’re looking to understand more about healthy eating and lifestyle factors which can impact your health. Whilst we’re all unique with different dietary needs and lifestyle habits, there are some simple switches we can all make to our diets that will be beneficial to most. This series starts with a look at you, and how to define a clear health goal to help you start making empowering changes. I will walk you through analysing your own food diary so you can start to spot the good foods versus the more indulgent treats and I’ll give you 8 simple tips for achieving greater balance and variety in your diet. I’ll touch on some basic lifestyle hacks then can help our bodies rest and recharge, and finally you’ll find a range of helpful handouts to help with meal planning and shopping. This is just the beginning but I guarantee you’ll come away with a little more knowledge and lot more fuel to help you take the first steps towards healthier eating and a happier you.


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