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Corporate Clients

Is your business facing challenges with employee motivation and absentee-ism? Or perhaps you have an unexplained high turn-over of personnel? The demands of corporate life can present challenges throughout the organisation, not only to the top executives, and corporate wellness is now considered part of the formula to the success of businesses worldwide. But it doesn’t simply have to be a solution to a problem. It can also be an integral part of company culture and pave the way form improving the health and vitality of both employees and your business.

Before retraining as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I spent over 12 years in corporate marketing and understand the demands of corporate life. For this reason I have formulated a series of services dedicated to businesses and to promoting a mutually beneficially culture of health and wellness.  I offer a bespoke range of personalised employee health checks,  to group Nutritional seminars and workshops to promote health through shared learning and engagement.  Healthy employees typically increase productivity, are more alert and energised, more motivated, have improved strategies for dealing with stress and responsibility, and are less likely to take time off for sickness. Click here to download a corporate menu.

A typical package includes:

  • Employee Health MOT & Body composition analysis*and mini consultation
  • Bespoke Workshops & Seminars providing healthy eating and lifestyle tips and strategies
  • Health Coaching & Continual Engagement
  • One-to-one management consultations for senior executives

Corporate Wellness

For a brief introduction on the benefits of corporate wellness or to download top-tips on workplace wellness click on the images below.


*Tanita Body Composition Analysis – FDA-approved clinical body composition scales and software

Tanita is a world leader in precision electronic scales. Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle. Carrying too much fat puts a person at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. In fact, obesity contributes to at least half the chronic diseases in western society.

This effective employee check up uses Tanita technology to assess current health status based on their total body composition and the important fat to muscle ratio, followed by a mini consult and advice on how to make positive changes to support health.

Bespoke Workshops & Seminars

Company mission statements and cultures differ greatly from one corporate to another but the one thing they have in common is their employees. Investing in employee wellness through dedicated health initiatives signals how important employees are to your business, creating reciprocity and greater engagement.

All corporate seminars and workshops are based on individual company briefs and aim to address business needs alongside promoting healthy eating and lifestyles to employees. A range of materials are provided as handouts, office communication tools, and aide memoirs and for greatest engagement follow up sessions and/or health coaching is recommended within a 2-3 month period.


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