Corporate Wellness

The demands of corporate life can present challenges throughout the organisation, not only to the top executives. Is your business facing challenges with employee motivation and absentee-ism? Or perhaps you have an unexplained high turn-over of personnel? Corporate wellness is now considered part of the formula to the success of businesses worldwide. But it doesn’t simply have to be a solution to a problem. It can also be an integral part of company culture and pave the way for improving the health and engagement of employees.

I have a bespoke range of services dedicated to businesses and to promoting a mutually beneficially culture of health and wellness.  These include mini-MOTs for individual employees using body composition scales, and group seminars and workshops to promote health through shared learning and engagement.  Healthy employees typically increase productivity, are more alert and energised, more motivated, have improved strategies for dealing with stress and responsibility, and are less likely to take time off for sickness.