Where better than at school to learn about healthy eating?

Dietary Education to help kids eat healthily

As an FHT certified Dietary Educator, education is close to my heart and instilling healthy habits in the next generation of children is vital to empowering them to make healthy choices for life. I offer a range of interactive and hands-on workshops for children aged 6-18yrs old.

I involve the children in active debate about the food choices they make so they learn how to make their own judgements. During the workshops they get the opportunity to participate in activities such as designing their own healthy, balanced plate, identifying common fruits and vegetables, and weighing out sugars in everyday favourite foods all the while learning about the basics of good nutrition.

The hands-on contact with food and active participation makes for memorable workshops, and the learning continues long afterwards with a series of activities in a specially designed workbook for teachers.

Download a brochure here.


Istituto Orsoline San carlo – Como, Italy – March 2019

2 day workshop for students in 3-4-5 Primaria and 1-2-3 Media School.

Each age-range received a 90 minute session introducing three themes; balanced plate, eat a rainbow and know your sugar.


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