Eat Well

“We are what we eat” as the saying goes and diet is an integral part of our overall health. As a qualified Dietary Educator and enthusiastic cook*, I have a personal interest in diet.

Coaching can help with underlying beliefs about how you look and feel, about your weight, and how you approach food and diet. Understanding your current beliefs is often the first step to making changes that will improve how you eat from this day forward.

Many clients come to me saying that they know how to eat but simply find themselves “falling off the wagon” or “being tempted”. Coaching can be as simple as building a strategy to help you achieve your health goal. What are the barriers preventing you from eating well? Intimidated by recipe books? Tempted by treats at the check out at the supermarket? Love going back for seconds? Sweet tooth? Savoury tooth?

Barriers can just as easily help as hinder, and form an important part of your strategy for change.


*For cookery ideas and inspiration visit my blog at An eye for Food