Coaching is an integral part of the Nutritional services I offer. The advantages of overlaying coaching include clear goal setting, identification of client’s motivations and potential obstacles to achieving their goals, visualising success and creating a framework to achieve it. These elements are particularly powerful when client’s are faced with making challenging long term changes to their diet and lifestyle and can be the glue that helps their personalised plan to stick.

I offer all Nutritional clients weekly skype/calls especially to provide motivational support and some clients may wish to pursue this further with a dedicated coaching session. Likewise, non nutritional clients may wish to explore their health via a series of coaching sessions to help identify health goals and possible options for addressing them.


“helping people gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals”.

Having health goals, initiating change and sticking to our goals is challenging.  A Health Coach helps provide the client with the tools and support to make behavioural changes that will enable them to self-manage their own health outcomes. Coaching can help an individual focus on achieving their goals and motivate in potentially new and unexplored ways. From weight-loss dietary and lifestyle changes,  fitness goals, to managing long term chronic illness, coaching gives focus, confidence and the self belief to make lifelong changes.

I consult on a secure online platform  where appointments can be scheduled directly.


15 min Pre-consultation – Free

1 Hour Coaching session £65

*Consultations are paid in advance and I kindly ask that all cancellations are made with 24hrs notice. Appointments will be rescheduled at your convenience.