Prevention: Body Composition & Dietary Analysis

Body Composition is a useful snapshot of your current health status, and alongside an analysis of your current diet can be helpful in establishing priorities for supporting health and well-being.

I use Tanita medical-grade scales which measure Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass and Physique rating. During the consultation we will discuss the implications of the results for your health. This analysis demonstrates the percentage and distribution of fat, particularly visceral fat, compared to muscle mass. Research has shown that excess visceral fat can be detrimental to metabolic health and plays a role in conditions such as overweight, obesity, Type II diabetes and coronary health.

Clients are also asked to complete a 3-day food diet prior to meeting and this is analysised using Dietary software which indicates intakes of essential macro and micro nutrients (based on the foods eaten)*.  We will discuss focus areas for optimising nutrient intake to support overall health and energy as well as looking at dietary foods in relation to your body composition. This  consultation is designed to provide a health MOT and help you feel informed and empowered.

*Please note the dietary analysis is not indicative of nutrient deficiencies or excesses but provides an overview of your likely intake based on the foods consumed over the 3 days monitored.


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