Prevention: Body Composition & Dietary Analysis

There is so much more to health then simply monitoring our weight. Body composition is a useful snapshot of current health status and specifically measures fat mass versus muscle mass to evaluate metabolic efficiency and identify associated risks.  This session also looks at diet and clients are asked to complete a 3-day food diary which will be discussed during the consultation, with a focus on prevention and optimising food intake.

Tanita scales are used for the body composition analysis and measure a number of biometric data; weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), fat mass, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, bone mass and metabolic rate (calories required daily). The implications of the results  on your health will be discussed during the consultation for example, research has shown that excess visceral fat can be detrimental to metabolic health and plays a role in conditions such as overweight, obesity, Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Example Report

Dietary software is used to analyse the 3-day food diary. We will discuss focus areas for optimising nutrient intake* to support overall health and energy as well as looking at dietary foods in relation to your body composition. This  consultation is designed to provide a health MOT and help you feel informed and empowered.

*Please note the dietary analysis is not indicative of nutrient deficiencies or excesses but provides an overview of your likely intake based on the foods consumed over the 3 days monitored.


1 Hour Consultation £65

*Consultations are paid in advance and I kindly ask that all cancellations are made with 24hrs notice. Appointments will be rescheduled at your convenience.

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