Health Check & Dietary Consultation

This is ideal for clients wishing to optimise their diet and take more control of their health. Consider it a Nutritional MOT to fine tune the body and take positive measures towards improving diet and lifestyle. The consultation focuses on an analysis of your current diet* (taken from a 3-day food diary provided by yourself) and discusses how to optimise nutritional intake to better support health and existing health concerns. After the consultation you will be provided with the complete analysis and a number of charts to help guide your food choices at home.

For clients seen in person, there is also the opportunity to measure body composition and biometric data such as fat mass, muscle mass, bone density, visceral fat level and more using Tanita professional scales (unfortunately this is unavailable for skype or telephone consultations). There is so much more to health then simply monitoring our weight. Body composition is a useful snapshot of current health status and specifically measures fat mass versus muscle mass to evaluate metabolic efficiency and identify risk factors to your health.

*Please note the dietary analysis is not indicative of nutrient deficiencies or excesses but provides an overview of your likely intake based on the foods consumed over the 3 days monitored.