My Story

My family & Food

I grew up in a family united by food! Eating together was our way of communicating and displaying our love for each other. Sunday lunch at my Nanna’s house was a sight to behold as she regularly served up meat and 10 (yes 10!) vege,  followed by a choice of 3 or 4 desserts. And my friends were always treated to something weird and wonderful at home from organ meats to discoveries from the continent. Nothing was off menu! We had a huge allotment and grew up first-hand eating fresh seasonal vegetables which to this day is my favourite reason for going back home.

Leaving home

This strong foundation with food served me well during my uni years where I succumbed to all the usual cliche’s of student eating. Luckily, my love of home cooking saw me through and I continued to experiment with all kinds of recipes at every budget imaginable. Growing and picking fresh foods during my childhood gave me confidence in preparing foods and cooking from scratch. I believe this contact with food is a crucial part of our development when it comes to confidence in the kitchen and so often clients tell me they never  had this.

Fast forward to today

Today I am a wife, mum of two, business entrepreneur and practising Nutritional Therapist. I switched a 10yr long career in marketing to re-qualify as a Nutritional Therapist and turn my love of food into a career. After so many years eating good food I was eager to learn about the science behind food and that’s what prompted me to enrol on an MSc course in personalised Nutrition. I dedicated 3 1/2 years to studying part-time to earn my MSc and Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma and couldn’t be prouder. Now I get to talk everyday about what I love most “food” in a  positive and life changing manner to help others achieve long-lasting health goals.